Event, Holiday, and Christmas Lighting Services

Event, Holiday, and Christmas Lighting Services

We offer lighting services to all the locations below. Please click on the image to see more details about that location.

Lighting Services Minot ND
Minot’s Pretty Lights

Servicing Minot, ND and the surrounding area.

Lighting Services Bismarck ND
Bismarck’s Pretty Lights

Servicing Bismarck, ND and the surrounding area.

Lighting Services Whitefish MT
Whitefish’s Pretty Lights

Servicing Whitefish, MT and the surrounding Flathead Valley.

Lighting Services Greenville SC
Greenville’s Pretty Lights

Servicing Greenville, SC and the surrounding area.

Quality Lighting Services

Here at Pretty Lights we take pride in the immense quality that all of our lights and lighting displays have.  As a result, we guarantee that your lights will last throughout the season.  If they don’t we will replace them at not extra charge to you.  In any event, we are there to take care of your light installation to make sure it lasts for the Holiday Season.  In essence, our lighting services all are inclusive, and you have to decide upon is the color and the light type.  Once that’s decided, we take care of every part of your lights!  Lastly, thanks for taking a look and choose a location above to find the Pretty Lights nearest you.

Our Light Work

All of our light installations have a tremendous amount of work and effort put into them.  Specifically, we pride ourselves in having the straightest lines on our C9 light installations. Additionally, our icicle lights hang down and true and are a great attention grabber.  Equally important is the specific requests that each one of our clients may have.  And as a result our lighting services are geared towards each client’s home or office. Click on the button below to check out our work.

Free Estimates

We offer free estimates for every single one of our installations. If you request something unique, we will identify and clearly label it on your estimate. In like manner, all of our estimates are broken down into different coverage options so you can pick and choose the coverage the you deem to be best. All our estimates include installation, maintenance, and removal. In order to get your free estimate, us the button below to go to our sign up page.